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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i decided to make a john lennon playlist

just for fun i made this playlist of late 63,64, & early 65 john lennon songs. some are well known, others are not. after each song i list what album it came from & what year it was recorded. it is as follows:
1. baby it's you - please please me (1963)
2. no reply - beatles for sale (1964)
3. keep your hands off my baby - live at the bbc (1964)
4. leave my kitten alone - anthology vol. 1 (1964)
5. bad to me - demo (1963) *written for billy j. kramer
6. it won't be long - with the beatles (1963)
7. every little thing - beatles for sale (1964) *one of the few times lennon sang lead on a mccartney composition
8. ticket to ride - help! (1965) *rumored first use of fender strats by harrison & lennon on a beatles recording
9. not a second time - with the beatles (1963)
10. please please me - please please me (1963)
11. bad boy - beatles vi (1964)
12. i feel fine - beatles 1 (1965) *first recorded feedback on a rock/pop song
13. there's a place - please please me (1963)
14. anna (go to him) - please please me (1963)
15. i call your name - long tall sally ep (1964)
16. please mister postman - with the beatles (1963)
17. ask me why - please please me (1963)
18. all i've gotta do - with the beatles (1964)
19. i don't wanna spoil the party - beatles for sale (1964)
20. you've really got a hold on me - with the beatles (1963)
21. i'll be back - a hard days night (1964)
22. yes it is - past masters vol. 1 (1965)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

sweet baby james

i've been listening to 'sweet baby james' by james taylor all day today. its a good track. i think you would like it (if you haven't heard it already). thats all for now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

hello friends! i thought it was time to add a new song from my album 'ghost waltz' to the myspace page. ( its called 'books will burn' and it features all the usual paul starling stuff: lots o harmonies, reverb'd guitars, cross stick bass drum patterns, & of course some thick bass lines. anyway if you haven't heard this one then head over and check it out. if you like it mucho then maybe you would like to own it alogn with 14 other songs by buying the album 'ghost waltz' @
take care!
paul & co
p.s. show @ channel islands college this friday night!!
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

free show tomorrow

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bands start playing at 12, we go on at 1