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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fort Wildwood Article


lots of interesting info on why they tore down the fort & what they plan to put in its place. also check out my blog on the fort here

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Beatle Day

John, George, Paul, Ringo

ticket to ride

just listened to the remastered 'ticket to ride', and after listening to such sonic perfection i am now off to bed

Monday, September 7, 2009

Revolver Remastered!!!!!

my brother kenny some how found a indie record store in santa barbara that is selling the beatles remastered cd's early. so he called me yesterday and asked which one i want him to buy for me. my answer was a quick "revolver!". "revolver" was the first beatles album i ever owned. my dad & mom bought it for me when i was 11, and i remember being in my dodgers little league uniform, listening over & over to the whole album before and after my games. so "revolver" is really MY beatles album. i can't tell you my favorite beatles song, but i can certainly tell you my favorite beatles album. "revolver".
i've been listening to the remaster now for the last hour & right away i can tell you this is a HUGE improvement from the 1988 cd. the first thing that jumps right out at you is the bass. it thumps like a bass should thump. its not a jay z or amy winehouse thump mind you. its a warm 60's tube analog round thick, thump. amazing. "taxman" is now a serious rock song. (it always was, but now it literally rocks) "elenor rigby" breathes in and out a cold sherlock holmes breathe. the strings sting, while the backing vocals sound more haunting than ever. i could go on and on, but you really just need to hear it for yourself. i can't wait to get the other albums. can't fucking wait!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey Jude - Vinyl Apple Records 1969


side 1
1. can't buy me love
2. i should have known better
3. paperback writer
4. rain
5. lady madonna
6. revolution

side 2
1. hey jude
2. old brown shoe
3. don't let me down
4. the ballad of john & yoko

my review: i have to admit that this quickly thrown together album of a & b sides is my favorite beatle compilation album. first of all the album cover is amazing. they look like they're from the 1800's. george especially looks cool with his red scarf and blue jeans. the back cover has john & paul sitting on the grass, with john looking like he is really over the whole beatle thing. ringo and george stand beside them with similar looks. as for the songs, i love every single one of them. for me side 2 is perfect. hey jude, THE greatest anthemic rock song of all time. old brown shoe, classic george song with amazing bass by paul. don't let me down, i believe THIS is my favorite john lennon song. he really screams parts of it with so much feeling, sometimes it makes me sick. the ballad of john & yoko, everytime i hear this song i just want to sing along to paul's harmony vocal on the line "eating chocolate cake in a bag!". plus paul & john are the only beatles on this track. john plays the guitars & sings lead, while paul plays the drums, bass, piano, & adds backing vocals. excellent late 60's rock & roll. find this on vinyl, it really bumps along nicely. big round warm sound. its the beatles. what more do you want?