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Friday, January 23, 2009

fort wildwood (or whats left of it)

today i decided to go take some pictures of one of my favorite childhood play spots; fort wildwood. (before they tear it down) back when it wasn't chained up & still had all of its parts, fort wildwood was a rad place for kids. it always reminded me of the fort at disneyland on tom sawyer's island, which unlike some of my other friends, i always loved. i remember my brother kenny & i going with our dad to the old fort, pretending it was disneylad, pretending there were rifles in the tower, sliding down the pole (wondering why a fort would have a fireman's pole?), getting splinters, chasing lizards in and out of the logs, finding & re-finding the 'secret' door, getting splinters, swinging on the swings that swung outward toward the end of a cliff (awesome, though the whole 'swing' section is completely gone now), & once more i remember getting splinters. its not like i minded, my dad knew to bring along the tweezers in case of such problems. i really had a great time at the fort, and its too bad that its all fenced up now. for those of you that are adventurous, some rebel cut a hole in the fence towards the back. now i am surly not advising you go into that hole (thats what she said) and take a look inside of the fort for yourself. its full of splinters & unstable logs. instead get your fill from the photos i took below:
fort wildwood as it stands today. fenced off so nobody gets a splinter.
the tower
looking in from the 'secret' door
left wall, with 'secret' door
inside of the fort
stairs up to the tower


Kenny Bloggins said...

Awesome blog...I remember the splinters but I swear there was really some wooden guns hooked up in the tower...I had a pretty amazing imagination though. Nice pics.

Philippe said...

That's so sad


Brian, i miss this place as well, regardless of how much danger it put us in as children, how killer was that watch tower??