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Thursday, January 15, 2009


had a cold. took me out for 2 days. i'm almost back. recorded a new song last week with my new recording equipment (sm57, maudio pre-amp, etc etc). listening to john lennon's 'mind games' album while talking to iain via ichat. rockshot sent me a e-mail letting me know the itunes sales have been going well. for that i thank you all. exciting things are coming up for the new year. big things. 'old tack pianos' video, a new EP, t-shirts, gigs, tv shows (?), new instruments, new clothes. how exciting. by the way i had a wonderful birthday in cambria with dana, iain, ian, katie, joe, tia, derek, & others. in addition dana & i had a nice drink stop in santa barabara with dear friends douglas & crystal. later that evening my brother and many others treated me to a fantastic dinner. i must thank all of these people for being in my life and showing me love on my 25th. so thank you. & thank you as well.

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