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Friday, January 30, 2009

Album: Floors & Attics (free download)

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Paul Starling - Floors &

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1. Librarian
2. Larry
3. Mark Twain Boat
4. You Tell Your Own Lies
5. While Candles Will Burn You Down
6. Cemetery Park
7. You Suit Me Best
8. Lost It In A Graveyard
9. Key #4
10. Citizen Kane Was Wrong
11. Olive Branch
12. No Giraffes
13. Down At The Mission
14. Can't Believe The Madness

all songs written & performed by paul starling 2008
harmonica on track 5 by steve bringelson

a new album? didn't he just release 'doors & windows'? yes he did, but a album can only hold so many songs. after finishing 'ghost waltz' two years ago, i kept on writing and recording songs for the next album. i ended up with about 25 finished recordings & 4 more nearly finished. when it came time to put together 'doors & windows' i had to go with songs that would stand together as one piece of music & i ended up choosing the select 14. this meant that i had a dozen and half songs that had no where to go, no one to love them. until now. i decided to put together a 'new' album that anyone interested could download for free on this very blog. why let these songs go unloved when i put just as much love into them as any of the others that appear on 'ghost waltz' & 'doors & windows'? so now you have a third album of original paul starling music to place on your ipod, tape deck, cd player, or cellphone. its obviously recommended that you listen to 'doors & windows' BEFORE you listen to "floors & attics", as i believe 'doors & windows' to be a much better outing. thats not to say that 'floors & attics' won't get your blood moving. the lovely dana beierle has even created a album cover. what more could you ask for? tell your friends. let me know what you think.

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