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Sunday, January 25, 2009

show @ the beachcomber sunday night 1/25/09

come see me play a solo acoustic set at the beachcomber tavern in oxnard. it's a cool little pub located right on the beach. i will be playing many songs that i've never played live including many from the 'ghost waltz' & 'doors & windows' albums. so you should come by and check it out. a splendid time will be had. here is the info:
where: 8pm @ the beachcomber tavern
206 Ocean Drive
Oxnard, CA
by the way its free. rad.


Saturn said...

for those who don't know, the solo acoustic shows are the best

Alisha! said...

Brian! This picture makes me miss California sooooo much! And going fun beachy places with you! WAaaa

When will you ever be in NY? Where is Dana going to school exactly? Where did she get her cool pants??

Aie Yaie!

Emily said...


You should really consider playing closer to LA, Philippe and I always want to go but it's always so far and we are lazy :( Just make sure it doesn't happen on a Monday bc I have school. athanks.