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Monday, February 16, 2009

Doors & Windows (excuse this bit of self promotion, but i do believe it is needed)

Friends & Fans, have you checked out Paul Starling's latest release "Doors & Windows" yet? If not you should check it out on itunes, amazon, rhapsody, napster, or emusic! Not into the digital thing? Thats ok, you can pick up the hard copy @ the Rockshot Records website below. Here is a short song by song overview of the album:

1. The Door - shimmering guitar song that centers on leaving behind people and places that don't seem relevant.
2. Bonfire In A Pool - wordplay tuba tale of one's mind in a duel.
3. Old Tack Pianos - dreamy guitar/bass lyrical ballad of remembering why you left in the first place.
4. Dress Me In Bow-ties - upbeat melodic pop about wanting someone to put some bow-ties on you
5. The Captain & The Lady - nautical tale with banjo & sarcasm
6. Darling Be Evil - wall of sound waltz speaking of evilness in a good way
7. Amelia Of The Sea - fast paced lyrical stomp about a potentially murderous sea-side town.
8. July In A Canyon - a four movement mini-opera set to a moody 50's vibe
9. Ocean Blues - nautical vocal pop about missing someone far far away. ps banjo thru-out.....
10. It's Fine - rocking four on the floor wall of sound pop song about telling one's self its all going to be ok no matter how crazy things get.
11. Day Of The Dead - dark wordplay set to jazzy off beating telecaster guitar leads. ps and its a true story to boot!
12. Painting A Room - rolling guitar pop song with more of a meaning than first meets the ears.
13. All The Good Looking Girls Are Dead - motown meets morrissey in a graveyard set on the california coast.
14. When She Left Us - 3/4 tango about karma & all the things you never wanted to happen that seem to be happening anyway.

SPaul Starling - Doors and Windows

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