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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

updates and more

hello blog friends. thought i'd take some time to update you on whats been going on with me & my music. the 'old tack pianos' video went up on youtube last week & has received only awesome response which i am so thankful for. i have to give so much credit and praise to the director josh patterson for his hard work & all around awesome humanness. the video was completely his vision & it comes through beautifully. he treated my brother & i like royalty the day of the shoot, while at the same time kept a crew of 40+ on track to make the video you see now. 'old tack pianos' had always been a song that was dark & depressing to me, but josh turned it around to show the lighter side of heartbreak. anyway i really do feel lucky to have been set up with a director like josh.
i played a show @ mai's in ventura on saturday with kenny, dave, & my dad. it went very well and the whole band was asked to sign autographs for 2 little kids.(8&10) it honestly blew me away when they asked me to sign the album. the first thing i said was 'are you sure?'. they nodded a silent yes. little kids are the greatest and those two made my week. i believe a few people took pictures so i will post some of those when they become available to me.
i've been writing and recording more these days as well. i've finished 3 & have 5 that i've started. its very odd because i've never started 5 songs and left them unfinished for this long. the 3 i finished are:
"come on carol" - slightly haunting tale of a depressed pilot
"yes i know what day it is" - this song reminds me of fog
"wondering" - a buddy holly type song
the 5 unfinished are:
"no one seems to be waiting" - banjo, etc
"danaesque" - power pop, along the lines of 'caroline'
"no i'm not a fucking architect" - too new to say
"craig the black & white photographer" - jazzy mean spirited
"frida turning over in her grave" - too new to say

anyway thats whats been happening in the world of paul starling. oh, one more thing, i think i need a manager. have any ideas?

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