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Sunday, June 21, 2009

st vincent

i would like to let you know about a new band that i have been in love with for the past year. they are from new york and feature the singing & songwriting talents of annie clark. her first album 'marry me' got many many hours of listening on my ipod. songs such as 'land mines', 'all my stars aligned', & 'marry me' struck me as amazingly original pieces of work. she now has a new album out titled 'the actor', which i believe is just as amazing as 'marry me', maybe even a bit better. i was lucky and got to see her perform in chicago while i was on my road trip. check out the video for 'actor out of work' below.

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Johnny said...


St. Vincent is from Dallas... she used to be a member of polyphonic spree.

She started as a solo artist around a year and a half ago.

Thought you would like to know :)

Cheers bud,

Johnny Lloyd Rollins