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Monday, August 24, 2009

Everyone has a favorite Zimmerman

I was reading Mark's blog this evening and saw that his favorite Dylan song is "Ballad of a Thin Man". Quite a good choice on his part as it is clearly one of Dylan's best in my book as well. Earlier I had a talk with the lady Lauren & she revealed that her personal Dylan song is "Tangled Up In Blue", another fantastic pick. And for years my Dad has told me of his love for "Joey" off the "Desire" album. (probably my favorite Dylan album) As for mine, I will go with "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" from the "Live At The Royal Albert Hall" album. Never (in my opinion) has Dylan ever sounded as nasty as when he sings "started out on burgundy but soon hit the harder stuff / everybody said they'd stand behind me when the game got rough / yes but the joke was on me, there was nobody there to even call my bluff / i'm goin' back to new york city, i do believe i've had enough!". Amazing.

So what is YOUR favorite Dylan song?


Saturn said...

Is Thin Man the one that goes, "there oughta be a law against you coming around, you should be made to wear earphones"? I like that one and that line often pops into my head. A favorite is hard to pick though. Looking over the stuff I have, my favorites are girl from the north country, masters of war, hard rain, maybe hollis brown, north country blues, maybe hattie carrol, maybe 115th dream, baby blue, thin man, maybe watchtower.

Johnny said...

I don't know.. right now I am way into rainy day women..

and I love everything off of freewheeling.. of course..

but blonde on blonde is really pulling me in for some reason.