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Saturday, August 14, 2010

the reason the blog has been so quiet

i was attending the wedding of doug & crystal (of mynt green fame) in santa barbara. a great time was had by all and now i'm back and ready to get things rolling again. the album is in the final stages of mixing & we have some shows coming up in the next few months. so stay tuned folks!


Anonymous said...

excellent - can't wait for when it is complete

cpop said...

Thanks by a fan from France for all the free mp3 on your blog.
By the way i have bought your album 'Doors and Windows' on emusic, great songs on it.
To finish sorry to bother you but i have a request , i also dowload 'Floors and Attics' on your blog but i lost one song, number nine 'Key #4'.
Can you repost this particular song s'il vous plait, if not it don't matter, c'est la vie as we said in my country.
Good news for your future disc.