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Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Music Friday: Venus

Download "Venus" mp3 Here
Hello Folks. I wanted to give all of you a "thank you" for being so great! The album is taking a bit longer than anticipated but only because I keep finding new ways to make it better & better. All of you have been so positive with your facebook & e-mail messages that I decided I should give you something. A few months back I was approached by a nice lady asking if I would contribute a song to a 60's bubble gum pop compilation. I asked her which songs had been recorded so far and she gave me a list filled with "The Locomotion", "Sugar Sugar", "It's My Party" etc etc. I then went to work trying to figure out what song I could record. I then hit upon the idea of asking my Mom (who is a 60's bubble gum pop expert) which song she would like me to do. She suggested "Johnny Angel", and while I really love that song (Lou Adler, producer of the Mama's & the Papa's & Johnny Rivers, wrote it) I didn't think I could tackle a song that is sung from the perspective of a lady....So I then decided upon another of my Mom's favorite tunes "Venus" made popular by Franky Avalon. Its really quite cheese ball, but there is something about it that I really love. I remember going to a 50's diner with my parents and this song coming on the juke box. A very lush production. Anyway I decided to replace the string section with backing vocals and lots of guitars. The 60's bubble gum pop compilation never came to light and my version of "Venus" has been sitting unloved for a few months. Please give it some love. Hope you enjoy.
la la love,
Paul Starling

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