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Friday, October 1, 2010

Free Music Friday: Treason 4/4 & 3/4

Treason 4/4

Download "Treason" in 4/4 HERE
Treason 3/4

Download "Treason" in 3/4 HERE

Welcome to another Free Music Friday! This week we have 1 song but 2 mp3's! You may be asking, "wait what?". Here's the story folks. A few moths back I started work on a song called "Treason". As I wrote the song it was in 4/4 time, and remained that way until completion. The time then came for the song to be recorded, except as I started recording it something just didn't feel right. So I decided to change it to 3/4 or a waltz. I then finished the track complete with backing vocals, many guitars, bass, drums, and even banjo. But of course I still wasn't too happy with it. Then a few days later I played it for my Dad and he said "wait, I thought when you were writing this it was in 4/4. what happened?" So I explained the whole story to him and he then said to me that I should re-record the song in its original 4/4. So that is just what I did. And since I am still hard at work on the new album (ya thats still going friends) and have no place to put new songs I decide to share both the 4/4 & 3/4 versions of "Treason" with you. In my opinion the 4/4 version is the best, although I do believe the 3/4 has a bit of charm. What do you think? I'd enjoy your thoughts on the matter.
la la la,


ChristelAdina said...

The guitar solo works better in 4/4. However, the overall effect is better in 3/4.

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