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Friday, August 24, 2007

no giraffes

wednesday night i finished writing and recording 'no giraffes'. i really like how it turned out. it has a very different feel than my usual stuff. its not that the music is much different from the ghost waltz stuff, its just that the way i recorded it ex: the sounds of the guitars and bass and such, sounds very different. i think its a little harder around the edges, not so much reverb on the vocals and such. right now i have about 14 newish songs, by new i mean either recorded after or during ghost waltz. the ones recorded during were never intended to be on that project because of my mind set at the time. i wanted ghost waltz to stand up as one piece of work. i think the next thing i do, be it a album or ep, will be more of a track by track adventure. then again who knows. i may change my mind. as of right now i'm still all about ghost waltz and trying to get it heard by as many people as i can. in fact i have two pretty interesting shows coming up in september. hopfully we can sell some more cds and gather more contacts. as for now i need to put together some more albums.
currently reading: the biography of marion davies by fred lawrence guiles
many years from now by barry miles

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krazymoon17 said...

Ooooh! You said the magic words, sugar: "New songs!"

(Those are just two of my favourite magic words, the others being, "Come to San Francisco..." and "I'll put you on the list!")