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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

songwriting is sometimes like magic

last night as i was attempting to fall asleep, i started thinking about lots and lots of things. past friends i don't speak to anymore for whatever reason, bicycles, books, old movies, all kinds of odd things you think about while falling asleep. well anyway i then started thinking about handing my old friends all these various objects as a type of olive branch. as soon as the word olive branch came into my mind a verse along with melody and lyrics was right in front of me. it just came out of nowhere. i think my brain was subconsiously placing all these thoughts for me, knowing later i would want them in a song. so anyway this verse appeared and i decided to get up & record what was there. went to my trusty mac and laid down that first verse and a bit of a second verse which i just kind of made up. for the next 20 minutes or so the rest of the song just came; more verses, a bridge, chorus. all of them just appeared. so i laid down a basic guitar and vocal track. onto that went a second acoustic along with another vocal. then for good measure i added 2 tamborine parts that kind of sound like casstinets. after all that it was about 2:45am so i decided to get in bed and wait for legends of the hidden temple to come on at 3. i fell asleep soon after.........
works in progress:
a. olive branch (recorded: acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, tamborine, snare)
b. no giraffes (verse & bridge)
c. books upon books of books for you (verse)


Mac said...

Sounds like a great song, but... where did you include the part where we clink our beer bottles together? I gotta fever! And the only cure is more beer bottle clinks!

Shawno said...

What software do you use for recording? Just curious.