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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recording Journal 1

Yesterday drummer Dave, bass Dad, & yours truly recorded basic tracks (drums, bass, guitar) for 5 songs. We start around 10:30am, though we were there much earlier setting up and such. The first song we tackled was "Ballad Of A Raincoat", which went very well. We did 3 takes and decided to keep the 2nd as the master. My Dad's bass sound is so huge! I can't wait to hear it all finished. We then went right into tracking "Caroline" which we did 5 takes of. Again we went with the 2nd take as the master. After that we took a 10 min break so the producer could adjust a few things in the studio. We soon went right back into tracking and laid down my favorite sounding song of the session: "All The Good Looking Girls Are Dead" Dave switched to his deep sounding snare, which filled the whole studio (and my heart). My Dad & Dave really fell into the groove of the song and made it amazing. I believe we did two takes & the 2nd was the master. We then started work on "It's Fine", which took a little more time than the first 3. I think this was because we were looking for a high energy take, which we got about the 6th or 7th take. Producer Jago suggested a brilliant snare part on the chorus that really provided the right amount of movement the song needed. Dave overdubbed some additional cymbals. The last song we tracked was "Day Of The Dead". Dave and my Dad gave it a very open and clear sound which we got in 5 takes. Today we start at 3pm, & will be working on: "I Don't Believe You", "Visions Of Drowning", "Dress Me In Bowties", "Old Tack Pianos", & "Hey Now Dana".
I will post some pictures from the sessions tonight.


doug said...

Awesome cant wait to hear it!

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