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Monday, March 29, 2010

Recording Journal 2

Yesterday we got started around 3pm. The first song we tracked was "I Don't Believe You", which started out as a kind of light jazz song on the first few takes. As we got going it became a bouncing stomp of a rock tune. Dave & my Dad really made it come alive. Next we tracked "Visions Of Drowning" which we've played for about 4 years now. We recorded two takes. Both sounded good, although I think take 2 was best. We then started work on "Dress Me In Bow-ties" which went amazingly well. We recorded three takes of the song, with take 3 being the best. We all agreed that it was the most fun we'd had recording. It just came together so easily,and we all played very well. Next we recorded four takes of "Hey Now Dana". Dave really laid down some great fills on this one. We then started work on "Old Tack Pianos". We attempted one take but I really wasn't feeling it & my guitar didn't seem to be in tune (no matter how many times I attempted to tune it...) So Jago the producer said lets come back to it. So we then went onto "Mark Twain Boat" which really felt good. Dave started the track off with a 4 bar drum solo/groove, and then my Dad came in with a walking bass line. Really sounded great. Dave's girlfriend Masaya came by during tracking for "Mark Twain Boat". She brought us a salad. I call her Den Mom because she always takes good care of us. She listened as we recorded about 5 takes and then she had to take off. We then decided to take a break and have some salad and then take another shot at "Old Tack Pianos". After our stomachs were full, we laid down 4 more takes of "Old Tack Pianos", with take 4 being the best. We then listened to all 11 songs we had recorded over the last 2 days. They all sound really great. BIG sounding drums, THICK bass. This week I start overdubs: guitars, banjo, bass trombone, percussion, etc. Then this weekend I start vocals. Stay tuned........

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