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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recording Journal 3

Yesterday started the first day of over-dubs. We began the session with me over-dubing electric guitar parts onto "Ballad of a Raincoat". I used my telecaster for all of "Raincoat". Then my good friend Jerry showed up to add some bass trombone to Raincoat's bridge sections. Producer Jago stuck a bass mic on the trombone and really got a big crunchy sound. Really sounded great, and will sound even better when mixed in with the rest of the tracks. After Jerry had left I finished adding guitar to "Raincoat" and moved onto "Caroline". Started out adding various arpeggio parts to the chorus's & middle 8 with my telecaster. Then for the outro lead part I switched to my gibson 335. Next we tackled "Dress Me In Bow-ties", which I added telecaster throughout. For the lead guitar parts I played the 335 through the big muff distortion pedal (which Doug from MyntGreen, loaned to me). During the fade out of the song Jago came up with the great idea to play the lead guitar part a octive up & down which really sounded great. We all then listened back to the song and decided the guitar parts were complete. I go in again tomorrow to add more guitar tracks. Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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