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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recording Journal 7

Tonight we started recording around 5. My Dad was along to be an extra set of ears. I started off recording a lead vocal track to "Caroline". Once we had a take we liked, I recorded the "evil" backing vocal parts. Then I added the "aws" & "oos" which really put a strain on my voice, but well worth it as the song is now complete. Here are the instruments featured on "Caroline": drums, bass, 6 electric guitars, 12 string acoustic guitar, banjo, handclaps, & tambourine. Woo! Next I recorded a lead vocal to "All The Good Looking Girls Are Dead". I then attempted to start the backing vocals but my voice was shot. So we then did a quick run through of "Mark Twain Boat" and decided to call it for the night. Recording is now 60% finished. More to come!
(photos by Chris Jago)

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