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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Album Progress

hello friends. the album is coming along quite nicely. its lots and lots and lots of hard work, and i am putting every ounce of mental & physical energy i have into this project. i wouldn't have it any other way of course. something is guiding this project along, and that something isn't something i can quite put my finger on. it has led the album into the hands of producer/engineer chris jago, who was THE perfect man for the job. in addition this something has been kind enough to lead me back to an old friend and huge talent by the name of gabe dulek. gabe & i have been having mixing sessions for the last 3 weeks and the results are amazing. he has a great feel for this music and treats it with such respect that its almost hard for me to deal with. i lucked out big time. i've also been adding more guitar & vocal parts here and there as needed. tonight i added more guitar & a tambourine part to "dress me in bowties". i cannot wait for all of you to hear the finished product. i promise you it will be worth the wait! stay tuned..... - Paul

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