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Monday, July 19, 2010

Album Update:

hello readers. i know its been a while since i've let you in on the progress of the new album. in the time since my last post the album has been given a name: "shipwrecked commotion". all along i knew it needed a nautical title, and while we were mixing "visions of drowning" the line "we'll be in the ocean, a shipwrecked commotion..." came over the speakers and into my brain. it then zoomed past the hearst castle & frida kahlo information storage shed, and zapped into the album titles folder. so "shipwrecked commotion" it is.

artwork for the album has started to come together and i am excited to show you what we come up with. as for the most important part the music, we have 12 songs mixed and ready to go. which means only 2 more are left. once we have all 14 completed i will start work on a running order. still not sure if it will 12 or 14 songs on the album. time will tell.

very soon (any day now) i will be posting a free download of one of the new songs as a thank you to all of you for continued support of my musical endeavors. i am so thankful to all of you that send e-mails, facebook messages/comments, & blog comments. you guys are awesome!

oh yeah, i have a show this sunday @ the joint! david bash of the international pop overthrow has asked us to play once again at his first class power pop music festival. we've played two times before and are just as excited to play again. its always a pleasure to see david and the bands he gets to play on the bill. if you only go to one of my shows this year, this is the one to see! check out the flier below for more info.

i hope all of you are doing well & enjoying the beautiful summer of 2010!
Paul Starling

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Excited keep updating!