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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IPO Show

(photo by Masaya Palmer)
Set List
1. Caroline
2. I Don't Believe You
3. Ballad Of A Raincoat
4. All The Good Looking Girls Are Dead
5. It's Fine
6. Day Of The Dead
7. Don't Let Me Down

The gig at IPO was kind of interesting. We were on stage, tuned up, ready to roll and were even announced and then all of a sudden the sound guy comes up and starts plugging in the we had to stand up there for about 10 mins while he attempted to get the sound right. I felt really bad for the guy because I could tell he was rushing around all night trying to get the very different band set ups to sound the best they could. Unfortunately he never was able to get us the right sound on stage. Both Kenny & I said after that we couldn't hear our guitars at all. Again I can't blame the sound guy too much as he was doing the best he could. I only mention this to you so I can explain what happened next......So we couldn't hear very well and it was a bit of a drag. Well instead of crying about it I gave Kenny a shrug of the shoulders and did my best Pete Townsend windmill. I then said into the mic "this set is for Harry Nilsson". We then proceeded to play our most electrically charged set to date. Now I'm not saying this was a good thing. I'm also not saying it was a bad thing. It was sort of in the middle. I felt like we made the best of a kind of lame situation. Anyway we blew past "Caroline" and charged right into "I Don't Believe You" which was a lot of fun. Kenny yelled his backing vocals which gave me a bit of a giggle. "Ballad Of A Raincoat" turned into a stomp with me yelling the chorus's. "All The Good Looking Girls Are Dead" started out a bit shaky but then we got it together and it actually grooved along not so bad. "It's Fine" was the weakest of the night. So lets pass that one by..... "Day Of The Dead" somehow became our best number. I think its because we brought the volume down for the start then really built it up so that by the end we were rolling along. By this point our time must have run out because the fella gave me the one more song signal. So we played "Don't Let Me Down". I clicked on my distortion for the whole song. I think Kenny did the same. I then broke a string and Kenny followed. We rocked too hard. It was fun I suppose, I just won't make a habit out of it.

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