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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mark Twain Boat

Mark Twain Boat.mp3

oh couldn't you be so near me
i'm holdin' you sincerely
aw couldn't you see how we'd be
lying in a mark twain boat

we'll read our lips together
feelin' letter by letter
aw things will be much better
lying in a mark twain boat

and the books we wrote will start to get us back to shore
and a long lost note wishing you had just said more
and more

oh wouldn't it be so nice
doin it once doin it twice
aw couldn't you see all three
lying in a mark twain boat

oh dylan sings, satchmo cries
father sails and mother flies
aw kenny's tall and judy lies
lying in a mark twain boat

in a mark twain boat
in a mark twain boat

(ending waltz)
i heard you say
things started getting rough
you turned away
saying things are much too tough
but all on your boat
stay on your boat

words & music: paul starling 2008

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