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Friday, December 5, 2008

pink shirt set list

so today i woke up about 10 to my cat dylan sleeping on my leg making buzzing cat sounds. pretty good way to wake up i'd say. i got together a set list for the show sunday and it is as follows:
1. caroline
2. it's fine
3. visions of drowning
4. all the good looking girls are dead
5. tell her no (zombies cover)
6. bonfire in a pool
7. say you're mine (kenny's song)
8. i'm so tired
9. i guess you're my ghost
10. old tack pianos
11. ballad of a raincoat
12. don't let me down
*out law blues (if needed)

sound be a pretty solid set with andy on drums.

i decided to wear my grandpa's pink striped shirt today. he gave it to my brother kenny about a year ago and then kenny gave it to me since he didn't seem to be wearing it. you need to understand something about my grandpa, he has amazing clothes. 60% of the shirts i own, previously belonged to him. classic.

below you will find a picture from the 'doors & windows" release party taken by masaya palmer. my tele, dave's drums, kenny's sg, & the back of my dad's p-bass.


if you'd like to pick up 'doors & windows' click the album cover below:

get it on SPaul Starling - Doors and Windows

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