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Friday, October 9, 2009

happy birthday john lennon


my 10 fav lennon song (right now)
1. yes it is
2. instant karma
3. i don't want to spoil the party
4. and your bird can sing
5. happiness is a warm gun
6. the ballad of john & yoko
7. don't let me down
8. strawberry fields forever
9. watching the wheels
10. woman


Reg said...


How COULD you?

How could your list have entries #6 and #9 to the exclusion of In My Life and I'm Only Sleeping?

I am inconsolable.

Paul Starling said...

Reggie i'm sorry, In My Life IS amazing, and i love it very much, but on this day i went with Watching The Wheels. as for I'm Only Sleeping, I love that track as well. the backwards guitar, the yawning bass tone, it is a excellent track. i chose The Ballad Of John & Yoko, just because i love the fact that its just John and Paul. Paul's drumming is great, and John really sings it. awesome track in my opinion. its so hard to choose 10 Lennon songs.....heck it would be hard to choose 50 Lennon songs.

Anonymous said...

Cuz it is HIS list, Reg

Sushanth said...

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